Course Map

The Dash or Crash 5K course is one of a kind!

This year’s first obstacle will be a climb up the back of the ski run at one of the steepest sections of the mountain.  Aided by rope tow ropes, runners will climb up the wet and slippery grassy slope.

Tire Climb: We love tires, but you may not.  You get a short break from running to climb this vertical wall of tires.  Fret not, its not the last time you’ll be “Tire’d” on the course.

Log Jog:  Keep your balance as you attempt to cross a suspended telephone pole that moves with each step.

Net Climb Don’t get caught in our web.  Climb our netting fast before the little kid behind you passes you up.



The combination of a beautiful golf course nestled into a wooded area with creeks and ponds in every direction, and a classic southern Michigan ski area with over 200 feet of vertical topography makes the Dash or Crash the most interesting and challenging obstacle course in the region.